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About Us

Welcome To Shubhalabh

Lalitpur is one of the 13 districts of Federal Nepal Bagmati Pradesh. We are proud to have Shubhalabh Multipurpose Cooperative Limited as one of the best cooperatives in this historic Lalitpur district.

This cooperative is operating smoothly in Lalitpur Metropolitan City Ward No. 15 Satdobato Chowk. In the area of ​​0-15-3-0 (fifteen annas and three paisas) owned by the organization, business has been operating from Shubhalabh Bhavan.

According to the Cooperatives Act, 2048 BS, it was registered in the Division Cooperative Office, Lalitpur under the name of Bhagwati Shubhalabh Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited on September 15, 2008. 

But efficient management was inactive. The new management took over the responsibility of the same cooperative from 1st of Asar 2063 BS. In which a group of 26 people took ownership of its operation.

The value and principle of cooperatives is an important aspect. Taking this into consideration, the new management came forward with the basic objective of economic, social and cultural development of the members of the organization. Initially, the business was started by setting up an office at the Scout Building at Lagankhel in Lalitpur by raising a share capital of Rs. 19,70,000.

The ninth general meeting held in December 2008 decided to change the name of the organization. Accordingly, the former Bhagwati Shubhalabh Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited has been renamed as Shubhalabh Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited.

The tireless efforts of the Accounts Committee and various sub-committees continued in this regard and those resolutions were thwarted by the sincerity and hard work of the well-to-do employees. 

Thus, the multi-purpose cooperative has become popular among the community. The link to success mentioned above is not so limited. We are continuing our commitment for the economic prosperity of the members by further promoting the values ​​and principles of the cooperatives. Will stay

The only financial option for sustainable and social, economic development for all members, Shubhalabh.

Benefit from supporting members' social and economic needs, providing competitive financial and relevant and appropriate livelihood services for upliftment.Community Verified icon



  • To develop the habit of regular saving of the members involved in the organization.
  • Continuing to work for the development and economic prosperity of the community.
  • To provide simple loans and professional counseling to the members for various skill-oriented, income-generating and productive purposes.
  • To continue the work of selling the products produced by the firm at a simple price from the service center Lagankhel.
  • To provide training on modern farming to the members and farmers.
  • To conduct necessary trainings to make the organization continuously competitive.
  • To provide basic education related to cooperatives to the members affiliated to the organization.
  • To develop the habit of saving and spending on the basis of income.
  • To provide interest at competitive interest rate on regular deposits.
  • To give continuity to the modern agricultural firm operated with its own investment.
  • To operate sales hall related to agricultural products in its own building.
  • To operate sales booth of agricultural related materials (seeds, fertilizers etc.).
  • To provide thematic education and training to the directors, accountants and various sub-committees of the organization and to make them participate.