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Education Loan (81)

Education Loan (81)

(A) When applying for a loan, one has to submit the certified details of the subject to be studied in which educational institution, for how long, the fees and expenses.
(B) It shall be the responsibility of the member receiving the educational loan to submit the annual progress report of the student concerned.
(C) The limit of loan, term, interest rate, payment schedule and procedural fee shall be as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.

(D) This loan will be provided to the member himself or to the family member of the member for higher education study.

Documents to be submitted for getting educational loan

(A) Loan application letter and loan application form filled by the debtor himself.
(B) 1 certified copy of Nepali citizenship certificate.
(C) 1 copy of recent passport size photograph.

(D) Where to study? How long to study? Certified details of charges and expenses incurred.
(E) Map to reach the debtor's house and project.
(F) With the approval of the family member of the same house and security of money in respect of consuming the loan.
(G) Certified copy of citizenship of 1 member holding personal deposit. 1 copy.
(H) 1 copy of recent passport size photograph of 1 member holding personal deposit.

(I) Details of the transaction account held in the institution of the member requesting the loan, certified copy of the share certificate.
(J) A copy of the letter sent by the educational institution studying for higher education.