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Housing Loan (72)

Housing Loan (72)

(A) Members may avail this loan for purchase of land / house, construction and maintenance of house as per their requirement.
(B) In order to take this loan, the house plan and other necessary documents approved by the concerned body related to house construction will have to be submitted.
(C) The limit of loan, term, interest rate, payment schedule and procedural fee shall be as determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.

3.1 Documents to be submitted for house construction and land purchase loan

(A) Loan application letter and loan application form filled by the debtor himself.
(B) 1 certified copy of Nepali citizenship certificate.
(C) 1 copy of recent passport size photograph.
(D) 1 copy of the approved map of the house to be constructed from the concerned local level.
(E) Copy of red deed of pledged land, original deed, 1 ÷ 1 copy of box letter.

(F) The Land Survey Office of the pledging house and land for the financial purpose certified survey trace map and four forts 1 ÷ 1 copy per day.
(G) 1 copy of current year's payment receipt.
(H) Monthly income.
(I) With the consent of the family member of the same house and security of money in relation to consuming the loan.

(J) If there is a house on the pledged land, the original copy of the insured house.
(K) Details of the shareholders entitled to share in the pledge and self-declaration letter.
(L) 1 certified copy of citizenship of one member who is living as personal security.
(M) A recent passport size photograph of 1 member holding personal deposit.
(M) Details of the transaction account held in the institution of the member seeking the loan, certified copy of the share certificate.
(O) Map to reach the debtor's house and project.


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