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Business Loan (74)

Business Loan (74)

(A) The organization will provide loan to the members for running income generating industries and businesses.
(B) The loan amount may be utilized by the members who are interested in operating and expanding small and home businesses and other business ventures.
(C) When providing business loan, it will be necessary to analyze whether the loan invested for the operation of the business can be repaid as per the repayment schedule or not.

Documents to be submitted for taking a business loan

(A) Loan application letter and loan application form filled by the debtor himself.
(B) 1 certified copy of Nepali citizenship certificate.
(C) 1 copy of recent passport size photograph taken.
(D) Details of the business to be operated.

(E) With the consent of the family member of one house and the security of the money in relation to consuming the loan.
(F) Certified copy of the citizenship of 1 member who is a personal guarantor.
(G) 1 copy of recent passport size photograph of 1 member holding personal deposit.
(H) Details of transaction account held in the institution of the member seeking loan, certified copy of share certificate.


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